Early career // Social Learning and Cultural Evolution // Cross-disciplinary

Brace yourself!

The second edition of our Society’s workshop is coming, countdown set to 21st-22nd June 2018. Following a successful first edition, held in Manchester last January, we are now organising a two-day multidisciplinary workshop at the University of St Andrews (UK).

21st-22nd June 2018, University of St Andrews (UK)


This year’s workshop has three points of focus:

  • Interdisciplinary discussion on the state-of-art of research and methods;
  • Being a platform of exchange for issues in early-career research;
  • Interdisciplinary networking and research showcasing.

Participants will have the opportunity to present their work, in the form of a poster, to other attendees and to colleagues and senior researchers from the University of St Andrews, in an open-doors event. Research on social learning or on topics with a direct applicability to the field is welcomed.

The event will conclude with a discussion panel of senior researcher talking through their experience in the field and how they have seen it changing:  Learning in the field: 20 years of Social Learning. Guests so far include: Prof Malinda CarpenterProf Kevin LalandDr Luke Rendell, Dr Monica Tamariz and (to be confirmed) Dr Ellen Garland.

Applications from researchers and students from Master to PostDoc level are invited. Applicants will need to state their interest, describing their area of research and why they think attendance to the workshop will benefit them. The maximum number of attendees is limited to 50 and applicants will be selected on the basis of the statement and, when equal, on a first-come-first-served basis. Applications close on March 31st 2018. Registration , upon acceptance to the workshop, is free for YSLR members and £10 for non-members (membership to the Society is £10; the link to join will be made  available shortly).

For info, contact: workshop2018@yslr.co.uk .

Accommodation in St Andrews: It is easy to find accommodation in St Andrews, either in St Andrews University Accommodation or in one of the several Airbnbs and hotels in town. Early booking is recommended, because the workshop falls within the holiday and golfing season. We suggest participants to also check out available accommodation in the nearby Dundee, at a short train or bus journey from St Andrews, for lower room rates. Bus tickets from Dundee to St Andrews Bus Station cost around £9,00 return for a full ticket or £6,00 return for a student ticket. Train tickets between Dundee and Leuchars station cost around £10.80 return and frequent buses service the journey between the station and St Andrews.